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Robert Powers connects with the emotions that resonate deeply in each of us:  joy, anticipation, the desire for companionship and peace.

His style is borne out of is reflections on the nature of reality - how what we see is always colored by circumstances and how our memories focus to perfect and smooth out less important details.

Souvenirs from our past come back to us as we feel them, not so much as they were in the harsh light of reality.  Our focus is drawn to a single freeze frame in time, like a snapshot:  the portrait of a laugh, a moment of hesitation, the moment as victory was won or lost.

Robert Powers gathers up those moments and depicts them as they are in our mind's eye.  At times his depiction of reality is heightened, even surreal.  Some details jump to the eye as others categorically blend into the backdrop of perception.  The natural geometry of truth gives structure, and as a result, the canvas exudes the indomitable human spirit.

His work is inspired by the sensual recollection of the scintillating moments of summer that warm our hearts like the caress of the July sun on our skin.  The  lap of water on the prow of the boat after a day cruise, the cheering victory of a team's win, or a couple wading peacefully together into life's unknown.  It is for the viewer to live vicariously in the canvas; to enliven it with his or her own recollections.

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